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Safex Systems is an established Exporter of a varied range of Foams, Tapes, Sealing Strips and Labels. These products are utilized for the packaging, repair and maintenance of various materials like wood, card board, ceramic tiles and walls & windows. We provide products under the categories of Packaging Tapes, EPDM Rubber Sealing Strips, Butyl Sealing Strips, Acoustic Foam, Anti Dust Tapes, Security Labels, Self Adhesive Foam and Self Adhesive Labels.

Our products are manufactured by reliable companies that ensure the maximum utility of these products for the clients. The durability and cost-effectiveness of these products help in providing reassuring services for different household, domestic, and industrial level constructions and renovations. These products are designed to provide resistance to elements like dust, varied temperature conditions and moisture, so as to provide efficiency and long-lasting use.

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Plain Sealing Strips   Acoustic Foam   Anti Dust Tapes

Plain Sealing Strips

The company is a trusted Exporter of Plain Sealing Strip which has typical uses in roofing, metal constructions, camping cars, motor homes, mobile homes and Buses. We provide Plain Sealing Strip which is non-hardening and very durable. We provide Plain Sealing Strip at very economical prices. Plain Sealing Strip has a shelf life of at least two years from date of manufacture under normal storage conditions.


  • Very good adhesion power on most materials
  • No fumes, solvent free
  • Non hardening, permanently elastic
  • Leaves hands and application surfaces clean
  • Very long durability
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Easy to compress


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Acoustic Foam

Safex Systems exports Acoustic Foam, which is a kind of flexible & open cell foam. The Acoustic Foam that we deal in is manufactured using melamine resin, a thermoset plastic from the amino plastics group. In an Acoustic Foam, the delicate three-dimensional filigree-network structure formed from slender and hence readily thermo-formable filaments is a highly beneficial factor. We make Acoustic Foam available in the market with or without adhesive backing and also in combination with other substrates like Aluminium foil or fabric.


  • Low flammability
  • High temperature stability
  • Hardest plastic material


  • High sound absorption (due to open cell structure)
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Excellent fire behavior without flame retardants
  • High temperature stability (200 oC )
  • Ultra low density (9.5 kg/m3 average)

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Anti Dust Tapes

We are reputed Exporter of Anti Dust Tapes which are highly useful adhesives. Like the name suggests, Anti Dust Tapes are useful on surfaces that are dusty and may pose problems for ordinary tapes. We use G3600 on top of the PC sheet as well as AD3400 on the bottom of the PC sheet in the manufacturing of our Anti Dust Tapes. We provide Anti Dust Tapes at very reasonable prices.

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