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Acoustic Foam   Acoustic Foam   Acoustic Foam

Safex Systems exports Acoustic Foam, which is a kind of flexible & open cell foam. The Acoustic Foam that we deal in is manufactured using melamine resin, a thermoset plastic from the amino plastics group. In an Acoustic Foam, the delicate three-dimensional filigree-network structure formed from slender and hence readily thermo-formable filaments is a highly beneficial factor. We make Acoustic Foam available in the market with or without adhesive backing and also in combination with other substrates like Aluminium foil or fabric.


  • Low flammability
  • High temperature stability
  • Hardest plastic material


  • High sound absorption (due to open cell structure)
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Excellent fire behavior without flame retardants
  • High temperature stability (200 oC )
  • Ultra low density (9.5 kg/m3 average)


Size 2x2 Feet, 3x6 Feet
Type Acoustic Foam
Material Foam
Shape Square
Application Acoustic Treatments, Sound Proofing
Design Type Common, Pyramid


Properties Unit Test Standard Test Results
Bulk density kg/m3 EN ISO 84 8 - 11

Sound Absorption

t = 50 mm / f = 2000 Hz % DIN 52215 > 90
t = 40 mm / f = 2000 Hz % DIN 52212 > 0.9
Long term service temperature oC ca. 200


Thermal ConductivityW/ m K
10 oC / d = 50 mmDIN 52612 < 0.035

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