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Ceramic Weld Backing Tape

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Ceramic Weld Backing Tape

Ceramic Weld Backing Tape provided by us is 100 mm wide metallic heat resistant adhesive tape, which is used on ceramic tiles of different sizes and shapes. Safex Systems is a well-known Exporter of Ceramic Weld Backing Tape, a weld back-up tape, composed of specially designed ceramic tiles overlaid on a temperature resistant metal backing. Ceramic Weld Backing Tape is specifically designed for different types of welding applications, as the different kinds help deposit more weld metal for more accurate welding.

Size Available : Regular available size of this tape is 20 inches long pieces


  • Imparts X-ray quality back beads on root pass
  • Welding required on one side only; no welding on the back side
  • No need for back gouging, dye penetrant test & re-welding
  • No scope for rejections, failure to macro/micro examination & radiography
  • Deposits more weld metal for full penetration
  • Root weld and fill in one pass
  • Quick execution, saves man power & time which results into better improved productivity
  • Eliminates defects and reworks & improves quality
  • Eliminates costly unnecessary grinding and gauging
  • Utilizable for every metal
  • No oxidation, no pollution no hydrogen inclusion
  • Can be used for any type of welding process, e.g. CO2 semi-automatic welding & automatic welding, SWAM, GMAW, MIG, SAW, SEG, etc.
  • Root pass to final pass by continuous & fast welding processes possible. E.g. FCAW, SAW, i.e., elimination of non-continuous & SIOW, SMWA, TIG processes
  • Ensures enhanced safety, comfort & best work environmental conditions to the welder & fitter

Uses : Different types of weld joints, i.e. single & double V butt joints, dished end/shell to manhole/hand holes.


Shape Standard
Pattern Plain
Quality Best
Use Industrial
Feature Good adhesion
Material Ceramic

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