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Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape

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Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape

Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape is a 75 mm wide, metallic heat resistant adhesive tape, which has a 25 mm wide cloth strip of fiber glass, held up against weld preparation area and maintains weld in same plane as plates or tubes being joined. We make Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape available in light duty use up to 80 amps and heavy duty for use up to 160 amps. Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape is considered useful and efficient as it is more flexible, has low thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, good mechanical and chemical agents-resistance as well as good electrical properties.


  • Facilitates perfect weld penetration and proper merging
  • Saves argon gas as no purging will be necessary, which results into less cost on purging gas.
  • Imparts X-ray quality back beads on root pass
  • Makes process faster as it saves time in preparation and assemble. Welds one side only
  • Deposits more weld metal
  • Root weld and fill in one pass
  • Eliminates back chipping, defects and reworks, and costly unnecessary grinding and gauging
  • Provides incombustible, high temperature stability


Type Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape
Material Fiberglass
Application Bag Sealing, Carton Sealing
Feature Durable, Dust Resistance
Adhesive Acrylic Based, Pressure Sensitive
Adhesive Side Double Sided, Single Sided
Design Printing Plain

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