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Acoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam

Safex Systems exports Acoustic Foam, which is a kind of flexible & open cell foam. The Acoustic Foam that we deal in is manufactured using melamine resin, a thermoset plastic from the amino plastics group. In an Acoustic Foam, the delicate three-dimensional filigree-network structure formed from slender.


Anti Dust Tapes

Anti Dust Tapes

We are reputed Exporter of Anti Dust Tapes which are highly useful adhesives. Like the name suggests, Anti Dust Tapes are useful on surfaces that are dusty and may pose problems for ordinary tapes. We use G3600 on top of the PC sheet as well as AD3400 on the bottom of the PC sheet in the manufacturing.


Security Labels

Security Labels Safex Systems provides Security Labels in many varieties. Our range of Security Labels is manufactured using high quality material that is indestructible. Security Labels provided by us are high on demand owing to their excellent strength and durability. We make Security Labels available at highly economical prices. read more...

Self Adhesive Labels

Self Adhesive Labels The company provides Self Adhesive Labels in varied finished like matt, glossy, etc. Self Adhesive Labels provided by us are abrasion resistant and can withstand high temperature levels. We provide Self Adhesive Labels at highly economical prices. We also provide Specialized Labels that are manufactured using Metalized Polyester, Aluminium Foil, Satin, Rayon, etc. read more...

Butyl Sealing Strips

Butyl Sealing Strips Safex Systems is a reputed Exporter of Butyl Sealing Strips. The varieties of Butyl Sealing Strips available with us include Aluminum Foil Sealing Strip, Non Woven Sealing Strip and Plain Sealing Strip. We provide Butyl Sealing Strips with advantages of long-lasting use and cost-effectiveness. read more...

EPDM Rubber Sealing Strips

EPDM Rubber Sealing Strips Safex Systems is an Exporter of high quality EPDM Rubber Sealing Strips that are used for various repairs and construction processes at the domestic or industrial level. EPDM Rubber Sealing Strips are provided by the company at highly affordable prices. EPDM Rubber Sealing Strips provided by us have features of long-lasting use as well as good shelf life. read more...

Packaging Tapes

Packaging Tapes Safex Systems is a highly acclaimed Exporter of Packaging Tapes of various kinds. We provide Packaging Tapes for use in the packaging as well as in the repair of various materials. We ensure high quality in our range of products, which is evident form the fact that these Packaging Tapes are procured from the most reputed manufacturers. read more...

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